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What does a marketing loyalty consultant do? And, why should I use BCM Retail services?
These are questions that you might be asking.
We will use an analogy which can give you a good idea about what we do.
Faced with a health problem, would you ask a laboratory directly for a prescription for appropriate medication? The answer is no, of course not. Surely you would choose a professional who knows the characteristics of the problem and your personal development: no doubt, you would choose a doctor.
Similarly, when we talk about Loyalty, many retailers choose as partners companies which offer turnkey loyalty programs. However, this practice may not be the most efficient, as there might be some sort of conflict of interest in this relationship.
A loyalty consultant is an independent assessor whose main objective is the welfare of customers and who makes a personalized diagnosis of each one and then, together with them, defines a proper loyalty strategy which allows an efficient meeting of client objectives.

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